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Pendect FAQs

Pendect is a community-driven news platform that depends on active Pentributors to help build, grow and define its content. We're currently looking for early access Pentributors who want to participate in shaping the community and our platform.


What is a Pentributor?

Pentributors are the centrepiece of Pendect and help create a space that is void of fake news, individual opinions and repetitive information. They comb the internet for newsworthy events, check their accuracy and rewrite them into news cards that follow Pendect's guidelines.

Who can become a Pentributor?

Well, everyone! All you need is an interest in news and the urge to see a change in the way news are consumed by the people. It doesn't matter where you're from or what your background is. We encourage everyone interested to reach out to us! Side note: you must be at least 18 years of age and proficient in English.

What is a Pentribution?

A pentribution is a news card that consists of a headline, a summary and, if procurable, a picture. The pentributor must provide either one primary source or at least two secondary sources for each card they submit. This ensures as much of fake news free content as possible. Furthermore, each card needs to be filed into a category and tagged properly with relevant keywords, such as people, organizations and locations. After submission, each card gets peer-reviewed to avoid any misinformation.

How do I become a Pentributor?

By reading this you're halfway there. Make sure to read everything written on this page and sign up below. After you've signed up, someone from our team will reach out to you for a quick discussion and help you with onboarding.

Pentribution & Content Guidelines

We developed a set of community guidelines to ensure constant quality throughout the entire platform. These guidelines are subjected to change as the community grows.

Which sources are allowed?

All sources must have a reputation for upholding facts and need to have an editorial oversight. To get you started, we cumulate a list of trusted sources which is open to suggestions by our Pentributors. Furthermore, sources that rely on extremist views, rumours or gossip, or only personal opinions are not valid.

Which language is used for Pendect?

Pendect is currently only available in English but will expand to various other languages in the future. Furthermore, Pentributors are urged to uphold the community’s standards, including neutrality of language and tone, originality of wording and factuality of content. For the time being, Pendect's main language is English.

Are personal opinions allowed?

Pentributions should never show the Pentributor’s opinion or political bias. Opinions of public figures are allowed as long as quoted and marked as such. 

What content can be published?

Pentributions must have an element of newsworthiness and must be specifically written for Pendect. Each Pentribution shall only contain the relevant pieces of information but isn't subjected to a character limit.